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    Traffic mirrors

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    Traffic mirrors

Our mirrors are made of best materials with a UV stabilised protective layer (resistant to sunlight). We use special glue witch provides perfect adherence of reflecting layers and our mirror have holders covered with a zinc layer.

Apart from acrylic mirrors, we also offer polycarbonate mirrors in several sizes, which are very strong and unique on our market. We use special pneumatic pistols for silicone application, which makes the final effect aesthetic and admirable.

All these activities combined with years of experience contribute greatly to our customers’ satisfaction with our products, which is best illustrated by lack of customer complaints.

Traffic mirrors, external

Round mirror Size
LD U-18a diameter 500 mm
LD U-18a diameter 600 mm
LD U-18a diameter 700 mm
LD U-18a diameter 800 mm
LD U-18a diameter 900 mm
Rectangular mirror Size
LD U-18B 400 x 600 mm
LD U-18B 400 x 600 mm
LD U-18B 800 x 1000 mm

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